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System Capability Modules

Delivering Integrated Navigation & Tactical Flexibility through System Capability Modules

OSI’s System Capability Modules are designed with the objective to maximize ECPINS® overall performance – making it the most powerful WECDIS on the high seas. OSI modules are specific to mission critical functions, controls and operations that go beyond the daily norm.


OSI’s Nav Tac DDU (Navigation Tactical Data Distribution Unit) collects, manages, and redistributes navigation and tactical sensor data…

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   Radar HMI

An ECPINS-based radar control interface for a vessel equipped with digital navigation radars…

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Each of these small monitors repeats a single piece of navigation information – such as…

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A military-grade system that enables a small craft to navigate, operate, and communicate securely with…

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  Track Control

Relying on an autopilot device, this option enables the bridge crew to have the vessel automatically steer…

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This option displays current meteorological readings supplemented by trends…

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 Radar Image Overlay

The operator can display the returns from a radar as a layer on top of the powerful ECPINS chart display…

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The Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) capability module enables the bridge crew to maneuver the ship in such a way…

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Target Motion Analysis — Bearing only analysis from passive sensors (Sonar and ESM) — TMA enables the watchkeeping team to…

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An ECPINS-based tool meant for the tactical exploitation of AIS technology for military purposes using a secure AIS…

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