Integrated Navigation & Tactical System

A fully scalable tactical navigation solution built for the Military, & designed for the harshest environments.

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IMO Level AIS enhanced for Military use, exceeds NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564.

Centralized Bridge Management, Integrated Platform Management, incorporates all BR45 Navigation standards, “high-speed” navigation design specifications, Multi-Screen Configurations Day and Night, licensing for Fleet-wide use.

Command Situational Awareness, Mission Planning, Solution Sharing via “Secure” AIS link, Tactical Picture Compilation, Distribution and Data Base Interrogation, OPV’s and Fast Craft littoral and open water navigation, Blue Force “Secure Tracking and Messaging”, Radar Image Overlay (RIO), AML and GIS (18 types) capability, RHIBS and other craft “C2” expansion.

DGPS, GPS, INS, RIO, ARPA Radar, Gyro/Compass, AIS, Echo Sounder, Speed Log, Auto Pilot; CMS, SSM, SMCS, EOS

OSI’s INTS is a fully scalable, IMO and NATO STANAG 4564 compliant Integrated Bridge System that offers a flexible design able to meet the requirements of the most demanding military environments.  Centred around OSI’s ECPINS and integrates selected radars and navigation sensors, INTS provides a comprehensive and cost effective IBS.  The System is  suitable for new builds or existing platform retrofits enabling warship to operate effectively in the most difficult conditions.

Full WECDIS functionality and resilient to DGPS/GPS denial or failure through battle damage, INTS provides a layered approach to redundancy.  INTS comprises of a number of features and functions:

WECDIS – INTS offers Full WECDIS functionality beyond the NATO STANAG. The WECDIS functionality allows the warship to operate in the most challenging of navigational and tactical scenarios through a combination of layered fixing techniques and tactical toolsets, helping the user create a detailed and comprehensive Recognised Maritime Picture.


NavTac DDU – NavTacDDU is designed to meet the requirements of a “Consistent Common Reference System” (CCRS) and a Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR) accepting sensor data in either NMEA format from ship’s sensors or message translators developed to accept proprietary data messages. Designed as a dual-redundant system NavTacDDU meets IMO requirements and ensures a robust bridge design.


SHOL – flying operations are safety critical. Add a multiship ASW situation to the mix, night conditions, and a less than friendly sea state make for a complicated situation for your OOW/OOD. ECPINS SHOL simplifies the picture, enabling the watchkeeper to focus on the multitude of tasks in hand, knowing that the operation flying information is up to date, accurate and timely.


3D Chart – The ECPINS chart engine is the most powerful maritime data display available, capable of displaying over 22 different official data types, and rendering ENCs in 3D – without the need for proprietary chart types. Satellite imagery, high resolution mapping products, can all be displayed seamlessly and simultaneously. Through the use of user defined filters, land and maritime operations can be conducted simultaneously using the same display.


Conning Display – Easy to read, logically presented, ECPINS Conning Display provides a snapshot of engine and rudder status, environmental conditions, route information, alarm status and a depth profile. Surface or subsurface versions available, designed for military use, the conning display also facilitates high speed navigation though a simplified user interface.


Radar & Radar Image Overlay – INTS offers full integration with X and S band radar. Less cabling, and fewer LRUs and radar cards, radar can be controlled at all MFCs or dedicated to one or two displays, INTS allows the user to decide upon configuration. Radar Image Overlay is distributed via the LAN using OSI’s proprietary RIBNet Server.


W-AIS –W-AIS functionality allows for a detailed Recognised Maritime Picture to be compiled and managed, giving smaller units without an Operations Room the ability to have a rich picture and enhanced Situational Awareness.