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OSI Maritime Systems understands the highly sophisticated, technical requirements that are of necessity to ship board navigation. Our extensive experience regarding onboard installation, service and support demonstrates our complex understanding of the important details and processes that are involved in deploying electronic navigation systems on both commercial and military ships. Over the years, we have established a reputation in the industry for recognizing the importance of understanding and attending to our customers’ needs and requirements by working closely with them to deliver unmatched service and support.

The employees here at OSI are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of value-added services that meet their rigorous operational demands.

Systems Engineering and Integration

OSI Maritime Systems has a very driven and dedicated team of system integrators that work together alongside the Project team in order to design and implement the solution. From the very outset, our system integration team works closely with our customers to understand and further define and refine the requirements, to then mature the designs through a phased design phase process culminating in a baseline design at a Critical Design Review. The Factory Acceptance Test is the final opportunity for the customer and other stakeholders to fully appreciate the power and utility of the Integrated Bridge Solution, before the design is passed to the Production and Manufacturing group.

In the role of systems integrator, OSI manages the expectations, requirements and compliance measures that are necessary for optimal safety, performance, compatibility, availability, maintainability, EM emissions control, and environmental conformance. Our Systems Engineering and Integration group have integrated these navigation solutions and capabilities into some of the world’s leading and most highly advanced Combat Management Systems.

OSI’s Systems Engineering group also work together to provide a wide range of system engineering services in order to develop and provide custom navigation solutions. Our comprehensive services include systems design, analysis, simulation, validation, and ongoing support of system components.

Our custom solutions have been deployed on various surface vessels and submarines within leading navies worldwide. These systems deliver extremely reliable and highly advanced navigation capabilities even in the most demanding environments, while also ensuring safe vessel operation at all times as mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Hardware Engineering

OSI’s team of hardware engineers have successfully produced a wide range of custom hardware designs for both submarines and surface platforms. With the ability to design solutions for highly specialized vessels or against demanding physical constraints, as well as meeting a wide range of stringent MIL-STDs for shock, vibration, EMI and IP. OSI’s hardware products are used on a wide variety of platforms ranging from open RHIBs, submarines, and high speed craft.

Software Engineering

We have extensive experience in developing solutions for Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. Typically software development is performed in software operating systems C and C++. OSI’s team of software engineers domain of expertise covers navigation, geographic information systems, command and control, as well as situational awareness.

By utilizing our existing core assets and abilities, our extensive domain of expertise and software engineering practices support the building of software that enables us to provide customized solutions to our customer’s specific needs and requirements.

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