ECPINS®, military-grade navigation software designed for Warships and Submarines, optimized for the naval customer to maintain a safe and sustainable operational battle rhythm in a diverse range of challenging tactical scenarios.

ECPINS is independently certified to meet the standards of IMO ECDIS Edition 4, NATO WECDIS Edition 2, IHO S-52 Presentation Library, and IMO INS (Integrated Navigation System) performance standard.

ECPINS Warship

As its core software offering, OSI provides a powerful military-grade software application: ECPINS. This application enables the navigator, watch officer and bridge crew to safely navigate a warship with positional accuracy, precision and efficiency. ECPINS interfaces with a variety of organic sensors to both obtain and actively manage the accuracy of position data.

ECPINS boasts a powerful electronic chart display, supported by enhanced situational awareness functions in the form of Radar Image Overlay (RIO), Contact Tracking and Management, and live operational areas to deconflict vessel movements.

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ECPINS Submarine

ECPINS Submarine further enhances the baseline ECPINS Warship product by introducing a range of features required to safely execute dived navigation routines. These additional features boast the following modularized capabilities:
• Submarine Operations (Sub Ops);
• GNSS-Denied Navigation, and
• Target Motion Analysis (TMA).

These modules are example of a variety that OSI offers to extend ECPINS’s capabilities in navigation and situational awareness.


ECPINS 7 marks the next significant milestone in the decades-long refinement of ECPINS.

This future version will build upon the existing legacy software through the implementation of new Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (WECDIS) features specified in accordance with NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564 (Edition 3).

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Software Capability Modules

OSI offers a variety of optional modules and features that extend the core functionalities of ECPINS. This offers the naval customer unprecedented ECPINS customization options for their ECPINS licenses. Naval customers have the option to include their preferred software capability modules in order to ensure the software in use is commensurate with their prevailing Concept of Operations (CONOPS).


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