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OSI provides naval integrated navigation and tactical solutions for 23 navies with more than 600 warships. Our solutions span a range of options made for surface and subsurface platforms, from the major surface warships to small craft.

For small craft and emergency response, OSI also offers C2 solutions that provide portability and quick installation. Within this offering, customers include Maritime and Border Security agencies.



With Electronic Navigation Systems experience spanning some 35 years OSI’s Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS) is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the Military Naval vessel market. INTS is a fully scalable product that is suited to small craft such as Patrol Boats, High Speed Interceptors or Fast Attack Craft through Offshore Patrol Vessels, Frigates, Destroyers or up to Major Warships. INTS typically exceeds the unique requirements and functionality demanded by Military Users and delivers a significant increase in Operational Capability…MORE





The submarine dived navigation space is the most demanding and challenging environment for naval operations. OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) is the only solution that uniquely addresses the challenges faced by the submariner. Whether it is inshore reconnaissance, blue water patrol or under the ice operations OSI’s TDNS is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the underwater battle space and increase submarine safety and tactical capability. OSI supplies the submarine market with a unique and unparalleled solution to dived navigation. No other electronic charting system has the depth and breadth of features that are so unique to this complex and challenging situation.…MORE

Maritime Security



For Offshore Patrol and Small craft, OSI also offers C2 solutions that provide portability and quick installation. OSI’s T-ACT (Tactical Asset Control & Tracking) system is a versatile and fully scalable maritime and shore based security solution whose users include Maritime and Border Security agencies…MORE