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Benefits of an In-Service Support Contract

Unplanned hardware and software maintenance can be a reality for complex systems nowadays. An In-Service Support (ISS) program can help to mitigate what is unexpected, tailored to the customer’s requirements, is a cornerstone of optimized operational availability.

An OSI ISS program works to counteract uncertainty and alleviate other problems that may arise through the use of maintenance planning and utilizing Reliability Modelling and Logistics Support Analysis.

Value Add & Ease of Mind

A Scheduled and Corrective maintenance program saves the customer the expense of having feelings of doubt or uncertainty. The added value of including an ISS agreement into the procurement package is recognized throughout the equipment’s lifecycle with less downtime and more operational efficiency. An OSI ISS agreement assures the customer that if OSI equipment is not operating as it should be, it will be taken care of by a professional.

An example of this maintenance program operating are in heavily regulated, highly complex Integrated Navigation and Bridge Systems. Replacement parts and equipment often requires long lead times. Through spares modelling, OSI manages a Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL), thus mitigating unnecessary delays caused by supplier lead times.

Equipment Maintenance & Customer Software Support

Optimized Approach to ILS

Logistics Support (ILS) methodologies optimize system efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational availability. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Reliability and Logistics Support Analysis Predictions are implicit in OSI’s through-life support underpinned by a philosophy of “Zero in Mission Maintenance” and progressive, focused obsolescence management in order to aggregate equipment and software replacement costs.

Tailored Support

In-service support requirements are matched by our comprehensive support offering. We offer a blended approach to installation and commission requirements, delivering service by OSI’s specialized support team or in-country Approved Support Partners. In addition, customers can select from a range of fully tailorable ISS packages discussed on page 4, varying from essential service desk support (Package One) to full availability agreements (Package Four).

Service Desk 24/7/365

OSI Maritime Systems provides maintenance and software support services via a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) 24/7/365, delivered through OSI Service Centers and Approved Service Partners worldwide. Choose from one of OSI’s premium service packages designed to deliver effective year-on-year Through-Life Support performance.

Examples of services include:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management.
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management

Basic & Enhanced Solutions

Package One

This baseline package starts with core support services and allows the subscriber to add services from other packages.

Package One offers:

  • Optimum Service Desk Support, Registration, and Annual Access
  • Establishing System Assets and Configuration Baseline
  • Change Notifications
  • Technical and Safety Bulletins
Package Two

Package Two (includes Package One) plus:

  • Ticket resolution and incident management
  • Identification and qualification of support risks
  • Performance reporting against contractual Service Level Agreements (key performance indicators)
  • Secure Service Desk Portal Access with live ticket progress updates and knowledge management
Package Three

Package Three (includes Package One and Two) is enhanced with additional services to deliver maximized System Availability:

  • Problem Management: Methodical approach undertaken in order to identify the root cause of a complex problem or incident, and manage the life cycle of all issues to minimize the impact of incidents and eliminate recurring failures
  • Obsolescence management: Proactive approach applied to optimize system performance and spares availability
  • Tailored Annual Refresher and New Starter Training: Utilized to maintain the competence of operator and maintainers
  • Maintenance Period and Docking Support: Conduct planned, corrective, and preventative maintenance measures during scheduled support periods
Package Four

Package Four is a premium package that includes all OSI support benefits as well as enhanced additional services:

  • OSI Depot Spares Management: Procurement and management of Customer spares held and managed by OSI in order to optimize replacement Line Replacement Unit Availability
  • Periodic Mid-Life Enhancement: Proposal delivered to the Customer for Approval to provide a Technical Refresh to address significant obsolescence and equipment reliability
  • Maintenance, Support Data & Training Packages Optimization: OSI conducts a periodic review of technical and training information to optimize supportability data
  • Dedicated OSI Level 3 In-Country Support: A dedicated OSI in-country Service Engineer for maintenance delivery

Optimized Availability

Flexible ISS Contract Packages

OSI offers blended ISS Contracts in order to maximize the Operational Availability of our customers’ bridge and navigation systems, delivered directly by OSI or an approved in-country Approved Service Provider. OSI has developed a wide selection of highly competitive, tailorable In-Service Support Contracts based on the Bronze base package, or with additional benefits of Silver, Gold and Black solutions ranging from basic Service Desk support to full availability agreements.

Service Desk

The OSI Service Desk is delivered from OSI’s Canadian Headquarters through a Single Point of Contact. OSI strongly believes in continuous improvement and periodically adds adjustments and enhancement to its Service Desk delivery. A cloud-based solution, accessible anywhere in the world enables Customer and Approved Service Provider support.

When Internet access is not available, such as during Communication Blackouts or Submarine Dived Operations, a standalone System will provide Service Requests and Incident Tickets to be raised by the End User.

Structured Deployable Spares Solutions

OSI recognizes the certain challenges that are associated with supplying highly regulated systems such as Bridge and Navigation Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment-based Systems, which can result in spares and replacement parts having extended lead times. In order to optimize turnaround times, OSI conducts System Reliability modelling and Product Support Analysis’s which helps to identify the Recommended Spares Packages.

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