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ECPINS®, designed for the unique integrated navigation and tactical requirements of Warship and Submarine operations.
OSI provides integrated navigation and tactical solutions to over 24 navies on more than 600 warships and submarines.

With the experience of Electronic Navigation Systems spanning nearly 35 years, OSI’s Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS) is designed specifically to meet the demanding needs and requirements of the Military Naval vessel market.

INTS is a fully scalable product suited for small craft such as Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes and Auxiliaries through OPV’s, Patrol Craft and Fast Attack Craft.

INTS typically exceeds the unique requirements and functionality demanded by military users and delivers a significant increase in Operational Capability.

The Submarine Dived Navigation space is among the most demanding and challenging environments for naval operations. OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) is the only solution that uniquely addresses the challenges faced by the submariner.

Whether it is inshore reconnaissance, blue water patrol or under-the-ice operations, OSI’s TDNS system is specifically designed with the purpose of facing the oncoming challenges of the underwater battle space and increase submarine safety and tactical capability.

For Offshore Patrol and Small craft, OSI offers C2 solutions that provide portability and quick installation.

OSI’s T-ACT (Tactical Asset Control & Tracking) system is a very versatile and fully scalable maritime and shore-based security solution whose users include Maritime and Border Security agencies.

OSI’s System Capability Modules are designed with the purpose to fully maximize ECPINS® overall performance – making it the most powerful WECDIS on the high seas.

OSI modules mission critical functions and operations go beyond the daily norm.

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