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A constantly changing global security environment brings increased demands to those who protect us. Thus, it is essential that OSI practices and adheres to some of the stringent requisitions in the industry, ranging from global cyber security measures to ensure the safety of navies and that our equipment meets military specification testing standards.

We view our security ecosystem as being built around Cyber Security and a Protection Series or processes; this includes:
Internal Protection, Protection by Design, External Protection.

Standards, Cyber-Security, Protection:
OSI Cyber Essentials Plus
Internal Protection, Protection by Design, External Protection

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is recognized around the world, helping organizations operate more efficiently. It provides a framework for consistent business performance, customer focus, and long-term continuous improvement. OSI Maritime Systems quality management system is compliant to ISO 9001, and has held its certification since the year 2001. Canadian and UK operational sites are included within its QMS scope, and its certification is granted via independent assessment.