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Our cyber security ecosystem is built around standards that best represent industry practices. Through those standards, OSI deploys a series of measures that include OS lockdown, Red/Black Separation, Firewalls, User Authentication, and other advanced security protocols. These standards are not only applied to the technology we develop, build, and deliver to our customers, but the same protocols we use to manage our internal operations.

OSI is proud to comply with some of the industry’s most rigorous standards. Among those standards is the Cyber Essential Plus certification.

The rigorous certification process, awarded by DigitalXRAID, evaluates a candidate’s Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways, Secure Configuration, Patch Management, Access Control, and Malware Protection.

The certification is offered at two levels, and we chose the highest: Cyber Essentials Plus. The “Plus” indicates third-party verification, and for us, it is also a measure of the importance we place on verification for security and our processes and products.