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Design to Installation

OSI Systems, Shipyard Ready

Leading in navigation system integration, OSI offers shipyards the complete delivery solution by having one of the industry’s most experienced teams of engineers and technical solution providers. Our expertise meets all requirements and provides complete solutions throughout the project life cycle, from design inception through to shipyard delivery and customer final acceptance. For the shipyard, this means:

  • Acting as Navigation System Integrator, managing the requirements and (IMO and NATO) compliance for safety, (cyber) security, performance, compatibility, availability, maintainability, EM emissions control, and environmental conformance for the whole solution
  • Buy, integrate, and deliver all required navigation systems and sensors; a “one-stop shop”
  • Managing the equipment suppliers to ensure delivery in a timely manner and test schedule for FAT, STW, HAT, SAT based on an overall project schedule
  • Oversight of supplier’s technical agreements/interface documentation
  • Execute IBS to combat system integration

Integrated Navigation & Tactical Systems – Retrofits and New Builds

For over three decades, OSI Maritime Systems has worked with leading shipyards and primes to provide advanced integrated navigation and tactical solutions to its military customers. Our teams travel the world, working directly with shipyards and delivering OSI systems onboard platforms, be it new builds or retro-fits.

Delivering Bridge Systems to Time, Cost & Budget

We understand the importance of time, cost, and budget and have the experience of zeroing in on mission-critical activities and getting the job done. Every day, an OSI navigation system is being installed somewhere in the world. We have proven leadership, with 25 Naval Customers worldwide representing over 700 warships and submarines that currently operate using OSI systems.

We’re more than uniquely surface operators. OSI’s experience extends to submarine vessels. Our systems are operational on 18 classes of submarines, and our Tactical Dived Navigation System is recognized as the leading navigation system for subsurface warfare. This means that when an OSI system is integrated into a submarine, the shipyard receives a system that has a track record for installation ease and the customer is provided with leading-edge navigation capabilities.

Leadership in Naval Navigation & Tactical Solutions

Worldwide Support, Service and Installation Network

OSI is dedicated to supporting its customers, starting with in-country Certified Support Partner delivering Level 2 customer support, service and installation, offering 24/7 support tailored to fit the Customer’s needs and providing the peace of mind that a certified technician is always standing ready to support their queries in their local shipyard.

Systems for Submarines

In a submarine, space economics is defined by weight and confinement. Confined space requirements start with building systems that will fit in the submarine and are designed with modality so that the system can be moved and fitted in the desired operating location. Highly experienced in submarine system ergonomics, our systems leverage technical know-how second to none and exploit space efficiencies to ensure that the submarine crew gets the most from their navigation system.