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Naval Operations Mobile Augmented Display

NOMAD (Naval Operations Mobile Augmented Display) is a secure smart eyewear software solution that enables Navy personnel working in challenging environments to remotely access bridge and platforms information systems and communicate with colleagues and remote experts via live video feed. NOMAD is also ideally suited to maintenance, logistics and training applications and offers many benefits including the ability to undertake tasks or resolve issues in real-time, which in turn significantly reduces equipment downtime and associated travel cost while waiting for remote support.

NOMAD enables:

MobilitySituational AwarenessWorkload OptimizaionPlatform SafetyRemote AccessData SharingRisk ManagementC2 Interface

Bridge Operation

NOMAD can deliver full, real-time bridge navigation and library data, video and voice communications to selected users on the platform or to other remote users via approved networks.

• Bridge Navigation SA enhancement
(including Collision Avoidance)
• Unmanned vehicle oversight
• Boat Navigation
• Boarding Parties
• Weapons station oversight – Force Protection

Remote Support

NOMAD functionality easily translates to other embarked engineering and logistics activity, by providing library data (e.g. maintenance manuals) or through live (video) reach back to OEMs when conducting complex or time-sensitive repair, maintenance and upgrade tasks.

• Engineering – Maintenance, defect
rectification, reach-back
• Field Engineering Support – remote operations
• Factory build support
• Tele-medicine
• Global access to live or recorded


• Lightweight, IP65, rugged headset
• Wireless connectivity with voice activated menus
• Recording enabled
• Video and audio call facility to base station (optional)
• Mounted Light (with Red filter option)
• Video Camera (IR optional)
• Left or right viewing options
• Compatible with glasses or sunglasses

• Low light level visual display
• Unimpeded sight; eye display mount adjustable to below eye-level
• Compatible with ECPINS Warship and ECPINS Submarine
• Memory 256GB
• Battery endurance 6 Hours (hot swappable)
• Compatible with Bump Caps, Military Helmet Mk 7, Gecko Mk 10 and AGRs

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