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Integrated Mission Management System

Scalable, Configurable, Designed to Cost

IMMS (Integrated Mission Management System) is a Command Aid C2 system, bringing enhanced tactical mission support to WECDIS. Tailored for Patrol Boats, Multi-Purpose Vessels, Ocean-going Patrol Vessels and Auxiliaries executing a wide range of missions and occasionally supporting low-intensity warfare.

A comprehensive Common Operating Picture, C4ISR support, Unmanned Vehicle C2 and Mission Management, video tools and combat decision aids are capability extensions provided via integration with select partner and NATO applications in our MERIT (Mission Enhancement through Rapid Insertion Technology) environment.  This includes integration with a range of sensors, information systems and data links.

  • Recognized Maritime Picture
  • Dedicated Patrol Mission functionality
  • Above Water Warfare functionality module
  • Optional Underwater Warfare functionality module
  • Warfare system integration, e.g.:

    • Multiple position sources, navigation radar, (W)AIS, ADSB
    • FC radar, EO, ESM, sonar, TDL
    • Gun, decoy

Powered by ECPINS

  • STANAG 4564 WECDIS functionality
  • Military grade, proprietary chart engine
  • Advanced track management
  • SAR, Small Craft and Aircraft modules
  • Powerful proprietary Navigation & Tactical
    Data Distribution Unit (NavTacDDU)
  • Secure Data Exchange with OSI
    Small Craft system (T-ACT)

Scalable Solutions

  • Extendable with extra modules and systems to fit for Small Craft up to OPV and Auxiliaries
  • Interoperable with OSI’s INTS and T-ACT


Patrol Module

• Full WECDIS functions
• Full Radar integration
• Full WAIS integration
• Military grade chart engine

• Dedicated non-combat GUI
• Commercial AIS symbology
• Advanced track management
• Rule based triggers
• Advanced track filtering
• Relation mapping to shipping database

• TDL integration (optional)
• ESM integration (optional)
• ADSB integration (optional)
• EO integration (optional)

SAR Module

SAR Patterns

Aircraft Coord Module

• Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL)
• Ship UAV Operating Limits

Small Craft Coord Module

• Planning & coordination
• Blue Force Tracking (BFT)
• Secure data exchange

AWW Module

• Combat GUI
• Tactical planning tools
• AWW sensor support
• Threat Ranking
• Tactical Data Link (TDL) integration (optional)
• ADSB integration (optional)
• EO camera integration (optional)
• Weapon support

UWW Module

• Combat GUI
• Tactical planning tools
• UWW sensor support
• TDL integration (optional)
• 3D (optional)
• Thin Line Array support (optional)
• Target Motion Analysis (optional)
• Weapon support (optional)

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