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OSI Contracted for In-Service Support for the RCN AOPS IBNS

Ensuring that AOPS INBS is Mission-Ready at all Times
  • AJISS, a comprehensive In-Service Support agreement for the AOPS IBNS
  • Ensures the operational integrity of the INBS throughout its operational life
  • OSI is committed to customer support and building a worldwide customer support infrastructure

February 13, 2024  — Burnaby, BC — OSI is pleased to announce the AJISS (Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship/Joint Support Ship In-Service Support) contract for Integrated Bridge Navigation System through Thales Canada, for the RCN Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Shipsets 1 & 2, Harry DeWolf Class Ship Harry DeWolf and Margaret Brooke.

AJISS includes program and life cycle material management, logistics support, design and engineering, quality management, training, preventative and corrective maintenance, and spares management for the OSI-supplied Integrated Bridge Navigation System (IBNS). Throughout AOPS’s service, this comprehensive package ensures the operational integrity of the navigation system through support and maintenance.

“We work closely with our naval customers to ensure that their OSI integrated navigation and tactical systems are maintained to the highest standards,” stated Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO. “This goes for the Royal Canadian Navy and our global customers, ensuring that they are mission-ready at all times and equipped with innovative and the most current solutions for the challenges faced by modern navies.”

Powered by ECPINS, independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, and the only truly third-party certified naval navigation solution, the system integration includes X- and S-Band Radar, data distribution units, a variety of sensors, and C2 capabilities. AOPS IBNS is an impressive system given the vessel’s size, measuring 103 meters in length with a 19-meter beam and a bridge measuring 18m by 8m.

Jim Davison, VP Business Development added, “OSI’s AJISS agreement builds on its 20 years of success with In-Service Support to Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) surface and subsurface platforms. With over 100-plus integrated bridge system installations worldwide, it represents OSI’s commitment to investing in building a worldwide customer support infrastructure. OSI now has operations in the UK and Taiwan because of  its 100-plus IBS installations worldwide.”

OSI is a fleetwide provider of ECPINS (WECDIS) on all surface and subsurface platforms and the provider of warship integrated bridge systems to CSC, Resolve-class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Vessel, the six Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships, and the Joint Support Ships.

In the first phase of the AOPS project, each of the six shipsets were built and tested at OSI’s production facilities in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Subsequently, the system was delivered to Irving Shipbuilding, the Prime Contractor for AOPS – the first shipset was delivered in 2018, and the sixth shipset was delivered in August 2020.

For more information, contact:

Simon Wills

+1 778-373-4655