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Warship IBS

Unmatched Capabilities

✓ 100+ functions in ECPINS release 6, 50+ with STANAG 4564 ed 3
✓ Submarine proven GNSS denied automatic POE, RIO,…
✓ MIL grade chart engine 30+ chart formats, all AML types
✓ Unique pin-point accuracy within meters
✓ Advanced tactical functionality for MCM, Subs, Frigates, Amphibious, High-Speed Craft



since 2001

With close to 20 years of WECDIS experience, OSI’s ECPINS is one of the most trusted WECDIS systems in the world.

ECPINS WECDIS is continuously evolving. Development is executed in close coordination with operational experts of the UK Royal Navy (RN), the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN).

Next steps on the roadmap are WECDIS edition 3 compliance, GUI update, modularisation and new tactical functions beyond navigation.

23 NATO and Allied navies execute tactical navigation with ECPINS WECDIS on board their small craft, PB, OPV, MCM up to Amphibious assets and submarines.

ECPINS WECDIS has been integrated with 10+ CMS. This integration is enabled by the OSI proprietary high-end NavTac DDU and the extreme powerful OSI chart engine.

ECPINS the most robust WECDIS at sea

✓ Scalable, Operational, Interoperable
✓ Trusted WECDIS Since 2001
✓ Only Truly Compliant System
✓ Unmatched Capabilities
✓ Cyber Resilient
✓ WECDIS of Choice for Perisher Courses

Operational Scalable Interoperable


Operational with 23 Navies worldwide, including European navies of UK, NL, BEL, DEN, SWE, POL, POR, TUR, and IRE.

OSI solutions feature a family of interoperable systems:
•Stand-alone ECPINS WECDIS
•Integrated Navigation and Tactical System (INTS) – surface ship tactical navigation
•Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) – submarine tactical navigation
•Tactical Asset Coordination Tracking (TACT) – small craft high-speed navigation and coordination
•Integrated Mission Management System (MMS) – tactical warfare support for PB and OPV

All systems are interoperable, executing tactical data exchange between the various assets and enabling joint information driven (small craft) operations.

Powered by ECPINS
The only true NATO STANAG 4564 compliant WECDIS

Uniquely 3rd party type approved to IMO and NATO standards

• IMO Integrated Navigation System (INS) – MSC.252(83) including
• IMO Consistent Common Reference System (CCRS) – IEC 61924-2
• IMO Bridge Alert Management System (CAM / BAM) – MSC 302 (87)
• NATO WECDIS – STANAG 4564 ed 2 and ed 3
• NATO Additional Military Layers (AML) – STANAG 7170
• 3rd party (DNV-GL) certified WECDIS

Cyber Resilient

Protection by design

• Sensor Data Validity + Integrity + Plausibility Checks by NavTac DDU
• Detection of Fraudulent or Suspect Activity by WAIS
• Position Integrity Monitoring and Reversionary Navigation Modes in a GNSS-Denied Environment
• 100% Canadian Software Development

Internal & External System Protection

• Cyber Essentials PLUS certified
• 100% Proprietary Chart Engine + NavTac DDU Rigorous Hardware & Software Controls
• IEC 60945 Compliant Hardware