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The Leader in Naval Navigation & Tactical Solutions

First Type Approved WECDIS since 2010
ECPINS was the first WECDIS to be type-approved against NATO STANAG 4564 in 2010 and has held that standard longer than any other WECDIS on the market. No other WECDIS can demonstrate that kind of commitment to safety and security.

OSI offers more than just capabilities that exceed expectations and performance.
Embedded in all OSI solutions is a DNA that uniquely defines our leadership in the naval navigation market:

Innovative Submarine Solution
Submarine navigation is one of the ultimate subsurface challenges. To address this, OSI has offered an innovative submarine solution to address this need. As a result of decades of experience and working with some of the most advanced NATO and Allied submarine fleets, OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) brings submarine navigation to a new level with its leading system integration solutions and flexible system architecture.

Security is of Primary Importance
OSI is committed to ship and crew safety and security by adhering to the highest standards of product development. One way we accomplish this is through ECPINS’s proprietary chart engine. The engine is developed by OSI, not a 3rd party, and in this way OSI ensures a closed environment protected against external threats.

Solutions with a Naval Pedigree
OSI has one focus: to provide Integrated Navigation and Tactical Solutions that enhance our Naval Customers’ operational capabilities, security, and safety. OSI systems are uniquely designed for military use only. The implication is that experts develop OSI solutions based on naval requirements, designed for the demands of naval operations, and provide a superior advantage when needed.

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