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An ECPINS-based tool meant for the tactical exploitation of AIS technology for military purposes using a secure AIS. Warship Automatic Identification System (W-AIS) provides the operator with the ability to adjust the ship’s visibility, vary the information the ship transmits (including its identity, size, and type), as well as create and place simulated vessels. A Contact Monitor facilitates the handling of numerous contacts (ARPA, AIS, CMS, operator-created) and enables their easy import and export as Form Gold.

The operator can compare the information received for an AIS contact to its record that is stored in a connected database of world shipping. These certain capabilities supplement ECPINS’s existing situational awareness tools such as contact track history, the automatic association of various contact types (ARPA, AIS, CMS, operator-created), automatic application of MIL-STD-2525C symbology, range alarms, and contact information updating.


• Works with secure AIS devices
• Controls ship visibility and information
• Enables simulated contacts
• Enhances contact monitoring
• Form Gold contact import/export
• AIS: IHS Markit World Registry of Ships integration
(requires an installed database)
• Complies with NATO STANAG 4668 (W-AIS)