ECPINS Warship, a truly compliant WECDIS, independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564 requirements for proven military-grade navigation and operational safety.
Boasting over 20 years of software development, ECPINS Warship features a concise User Interface to ensure efficiency and ease-of-use, cognisant of the demanding nature of the operational imperative. ECPINS Warship features enhanced navigation planning, monitoring and situational awareness tools which synergize to ensure that navigational safety is maintained across all domains of naval operations and warfare.

Interfacing with a diverse range of both military and commercial navigation sensors, ECPINS offers ‘sensor agnostic’ integration, offering the naval customer unprecedented choice in the selection of sensors for new-build programs and in-service retrofits. In doing so, the naval customer can optimize sensor configuration and selection, ensuring the highest levels of performance and safety.

ECPINS additionally allows for the creation and customization of predefined screen layouts, augmented exploitation of Additional Military Layers (AML) functionality and precise Lat/Lon readings to three decimal places for optimized positional accuracy.


ECPINS offers clear and concise readings of the own ship’s position in real time, which can be simultaneously cross-checked with a variety of alternate position sources such as an Inertial Navigation System (INS), Estimated Position (EP), or secondary Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Primary GNSS positional accuracy can further be cross checked through the use of Radar Image Overlay (RIO), Position Lines (Radar, Visual and Depth Contour lines) and referenced alongside chart depth data and real time depth soundings obtained by the vessel’s hull mounted echo sounder.


ECPINS offers the naval user a host of essential planning features expected of a WECDIS product, as well as enhanced tools to reduce planning inefficiencies both in the preparation and execution of navigation. The user has access to an optimized set of tools which efficiently allows them to plot, save, transfer, merge, and scan for hazards for any number of created or imported routes.

Configurable route characteristics include planned speeds, wheel-over points, cross-track distances, action points, set & drift predictions, height of tide predictions, waypoint naming and vessel turning data.

Chart Display

As one of the most powerful chart display engines available to any WECDIS, the ECPINS chart engine is both versatile and powerful enough to display a diverse range of chart formats including (but not limited to) Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) , Additional Military Layers (AML), encrypted charts, land contour maps, Bathymetry charts and satellite imagery.

OSI’s proprietary technology integrates a swathe of vector and raster charts to aid navigational safety and enhance the user’s situational awareness.

Situational Awareness

ECPINS forms a cohesive link between navigational safety and the operational imperative through a host of features designed to enhance situational awareness in challenging, operationally diverse scenarios.

ECPINS offers display and interrogation options for contacts derived from W-AIS, ARPA, CMS or manually defined by the user. Enhanced with MIL-STD-2525C symbology, ECPINS ensures that the naval user has access to the tools needed to ensure operational outputs are met, whilst maintaining a heightened level of situational awareness.