ECPINS Submarine further enhances the baseline ECPINS Warship product by introducing a range of features required to safely execute dived navigation routines including:

– Sub-specific screen layouts
– Dived safety depth setting
– Depth contour creation
– Lines of Position derived by periscope bearing

Sub Ops

The Sub Ops module enhances dived navigation operations through the inclusion of features such as dived safety depth, dived depth display, enhanced INS position display and a screen layout devoted to depth-keeping and conning.

Determines own ship position in circumstances where a position fix derived from a Global Navigation Satellite System is not available (e.g. underwater), unreliable (e.g. spoofing, signal obstruction or insufficient satellites), or denied environments (e.g. jamming).

Auto Dead Reckoning and Pool of Errors display and management are central features to this capability module. Whilst traditionally this capability has been uniquely delivered to navies operating submarines, the operational dynamics naval warfare has seen an increased demand for these features across surface fleets.


Target Motion Analysis — Bearing only analysis from passive sensors (Sonar and ESM) — enables the watchkeeping team to derive the Bearing, Range, Course and Speed of a contact based upon bearing movement analysis and estimated ranges established from sonar or ESM, and to incorporate visual range estimates from electro-optical sensor sightings.

Having originally been developed for Submarine Operations, this module continues to gain prominence as a bearing only analysis tool for all vessels that employ passive acoustic sensors such as a towed array SONAR, or Electronic Support Measures (ESM) – sensors providing bearing and classification of RADAR and Communications Intercepts.