For decades, ECPINS has led the way in Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (WECDIS) development and innovation. The future version will continue OSI’s WEDCIS leadership and be built upon the existing legacy software through the implementation of new features specified in accordance with NATO STANAG 4564 (Edition 3).

The future of ECPINS is exciting, ECPINS Warship will form the baseline level of capability that will meet Edition 3 requirements. To give ECPINS even more tactical power, features available in ECPINS Submarine will be offered as optional software modules which can be selectively adopted for any existing or future software licenses, and for any vessel type.


•   Familiar features refined
•   New features, including WECDIS 3 specified
•   100% WECDIS 3 compliant when matched with Core software modules
•   Optional software modules available to extend capabilities in specific areas