OSI Maritime Systems Training Options: Authoritative, flexible, hands-on.

OSI Maritime Systems offers training options suitable for a range of current and future ECPINS users: watch-keeping officers, navigation officers, procurement officers, integration engineers, maintenance technicians, and others.

OSI’s training is authoritative: the courses are full of valuable detail available only from the developer and the instructors bring a deep knowledge of OSI’s products and systems. Delivery is flexible: face-to-face in a classroom or lab, at your site or ours, or self-directed on any computer including one on board. OSI’s approach emphasize hands-on practice using engaging exercises based on realistic scenarios.

We are committed to giving our customers a wide range of value-added services that meet their rigorous operational demands.

In-Service Training

Where ECPINS systems are deployed, OSI offers options to prepare personnel to work with those systems:
• Operator courses: Classroom courses, delivered by an OSI instructor at your site or ours, that cover ECPINS’s watchkeeping, planning, and tactical capabilities. The syllabus includes ECDIS basics and presents the technical aspects of ECPINS that are essential knowledge to operators. Between 3 and 5 days in length, an Operator course is available for every ECPINS version, including bespoke features. Maximum 12 students.
• Technician courses: Lab-based courses, delivered by an OSI instructor at your site or ours, that cover the maintenance and installation of ECPINS systems. It covers the system software, configuration, troubleshooting, hardware components, and troubleshooting. The program includes an introduction to operating ECPINS. Between 2 and 3 days in length, a Technician course is available for OSI’s standard systems as well as bespoke implementations. Maximum 12 students.

Pre-Deployment Training

To prepare personnel for the deployment of ECPINS systems, OSI offers electronic and classroom options:
• Introduction to ECPINS Online: A 4-hour introduction to the purpose and look of ECPINS conducted over the Internet by an OSI instructor. Ideal for decision makers and project leaders. Maximum 4 students.
• Train-the-trainer courses: Designed to prepare your organization’s trainers to present ECPINS. For content, refer to Operator and Technician courses.

Refresher Training

To keep your personnel current with changes to ECPINS, and to deepen their knowledge of its specialized capabilities, OSI offers:
• Operator or Technician Delta courses: Classroom courses that detail changes between specific versions of ECPINS.
• Operator Delta courses online: Instructor-led online course that includes the hands-on tryout of new features.