Alarm Management for Potential Navigation and Tactical Hazard

ECPINS warns you of potential dangers, discrepancies, and malfunctions.

Alarm Types – Operator configured: Anti-grounding, XTD, Zone, Depth; Critical sensor data: GPS, Gyro Compass; Primary Position Source Change; Sensor Data: Speed Data, Depth Sounder, Anemometer; Major discrepancy between the Primary and Secondary Position sources: Lat and Lon fields, GPS position indicator;and Datum.
Incorporated into the ECPINS suite of display layouts – from one monitor several different displays can be selected by the navigator a Nav — This is the default layout; Nav Detailed, Dual Nav, Large Nav, GPS Data, Alarms, ARPA, and AIS.
Synchronized alarms – On networked workstations, you can have alarms—and the acknowledgement of those alarm—synchronized across some or all of the workstations.



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