3D, redefining geospatial awareness

A powerful visual aid that can fine tune the navigator’s situational awareness like no other tool.

One ‘Click’ from 2D to 3D – Easily switch from two-dimensional, traditional chart display to a three-dimensional view of an area with sea bottom contours and relief features of the adjacent land areas.
Own Ship – 3D displays accurately the position of the own ship within the water column, and that of any ARPA, AIS or CMS tracks either on the surface, subsurface or in the air.
Multi-Perspective Viewing Options– Drag the chart to move the view, zoom in and out, rotate, or tilt. Further, contours, contacts, vessel shadow, and lighting can be adjusted within the 3D feature.
Accurate – the 3D model uses any vector chart data loaded by the system to automatically update and improve the display of the local area.



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