A military-grade system that enables a small craft to navigate, operate, and communicate securely with a group that can include a mothership.

OSI’s T-ACT kit for each boat enables the crew to navigate using a version of ECPINS optimized for use on a small craft. Under way, the crew can monitor the position of other boats, locate the mothership, track the bearing and range of a contact of interest (COI), share data such as soundings, and communicate with other boats via encrypted text messages. Equipping the boat with a digital radar and the ECPINS-SC Radar Control software module adds an extra dimension to the coxswain’s situational awareness.

Where a mothership leads the group, its ECPINS operator can monitor the location of the boats without leaving the familiarity of an ECPINS workstation. For command and control, the ECDPINS operator can share contacts with any of the boats, designate a contact of interest (COI) for a boat to close, exchange text messages, and send data such as contacts, routes, chart objects and areas – all encrypted within the group.


• Plots all vessels within the secure group.
• Displays AIS, operator-created, and shared contacts
• Works with Saab R5S/R6S secure AIS devices
• Encrypted communications and data transfer within the group
• VHF-based line of sight communication, can be connected to a beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS)/over-the-horizon (OTH) system.
• T-ACT kit is weather proof, shock resistant, and of small form factor.
• Optional radar control interface for a SIMRAD digital radar


• Each boat: T-ACT kit, which includes a secure AIS (Saab R5+), GPS, and computer running ECPINS-SC 6.
• Mothership/HQ: secure AIS (Saab R5+), ECPINS 6 plus the Small Craft Ops software module.