ECPINS® is the base model of OSI’s ECDIS product line. It is a computerized, shipboard navigational aid that displays electronic charts, own ship’s position in real time, and sensor data. ECPINS is IMO Type approved as an ECDIS and meets the latest IMO, IHO and IEC standards. Feature rich, ECPINS includes radar image overlay that facilitates precise navigation.

Feature rich:


IMO Approved • IMO Approved ECDIS Intuitive Chart Display
Advance Charting Capabilities • All vector and raster chart formats supported including S-57/S-63, ARCS, BSB, C-Map and UKHO’s Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)
• Single “mosaic” display integration of multiple charts and chart types on one screen with no borders or seams
• Multiple color selections schemes for effective day, dusk and night use
• Automatic chart decluttering for easy viewing
• Display layer control and ability to orient to North UP, Head Up and Route Up
Enhanced Features • Audible and visual alarms
• Advanced Voyage and Route Planning
• Powerful playback functionality
• AIS, ARPA and Radar Image Overlay Capabilities
• Precise Situational Awareness
Sensors • Supports integration of GPS/DGPS, eLORAN, and other GNSS types
• Gyro, INS, Magnetic Compass
• Speed Log, Depth Sounder, Wind Speed & Direction and NAVTEX