ECPINS Warship® , all the features of ECPINS and more!  Warship is an International Maritime Organization (IMO) Approved ECDIS that meets the NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564. It is designed for the harsh, time critical environment of military navigators. Each feature has been enhanced by customer comments and experience.

All the features of ECPINS plus:

WECDIS +PLUS   • Fixing using Relative Bearings, Horizontal & Vertical Sextant angles, Running Fix and Transits, Application of Advance & Transfer to turns in DR mode
• Additional Military Grids including MGRS, GEOREF, AMG and NZMG
• 4W Grids, Force Protection tools and Voyage Plan Management
• Simultaneous display of multiple position sources and a Position Discrepancy Monitor
• Man Overboard Contact moving with the Set & Drift and Range & Bearing line from Ownship
• Ownship Depth Sounder Alarm
WECDIS   • Cleading Bearings, Limiting Danger Line, Weapon & Sensor Arcs,
• Fixing using Visual Bearings, Radar Ranges, & Astro – including time-late LOP information
• DR & EP calculations with advanced Set & Drift calculation tools
• Supports Polar Navigationand Polar Grid calculations
• Moving Havens & Waterspace Management iaw NATO policies
• Furthest on Circles
• UTM/UPS grids
Advanced Route Planning & Monitoring   • SOA/ETA/ETD/PIM calculations
• Calculation of Advance & Transfer for turns, including predicted Set & Drift
• Application of Set + Drift to SAR Patterns
Advanced Track Management   • MIL-STD-2525 symbology
• Association of ARPA, AIS or CMS tracks
• Manually Create and Update Tracks, including the ability to update ARPA & AIS tracks
• Track History for tracks up to 72 hours
• Exclusion Zone alarms, Distance from Ownship alarm
Integration with Naval Systems   • Periscope Bearings & Ranges, EO/IR Bearings & Ranges, CMS & OTH Gold tracks  
Military Chart/Map Formats & Capabilities   • DNC, TOD, VMAP, and other VPF products
• AML editions 1, 2.1 and 3 as well as AMC & IWC
• Land & Air priducts including DTED, NITF, CADRG, and CIB
• Industry standard GIS formats Shape & GeoTIFF allowing ready integration of OGD data
• User-Defined Layers with complex geometries such as Polygon, Circle, Rectangle, Corridor/Lane, Ellipse, Sector, Arcs, lines and points; complete catalog of DNC, TOD, AML and addition MIL-STD-2525 symbols
• Advanced display layer management tools with ability to save custom Display Feature Sets
Compliance with Naval Policies & Procedures   • OOW Logbook with preformatted text
• Security Classification Indication
• Configurable Function Keys
• Military Time Zones