ECPINS Warship plus enhancements! ECPINS Submarine® has been developed solely for use on military vessels and submarines to enhance situational awareness and improve navigational safety. It enables military navigators to navigate in the most challenging conditions (both dived and on the surface) and meet mission objectives.


All the features of ECPINS Warship & MORE!
Submarine • Automatic Contour Generation
• Target Motion Analysis
• Bottom Contour Fixing using both Vector & Raster charts, Line of Sounding Fixing
• Torpedo Safety Haven creation
• Submerged Safety Depth mode
• SUBNOTE import
• Secure Mode
Pool of Errors • Generation and update of POE in accordance with BR45(9)
• Ability to reduce POE by LOP or Depth Contour
• Ability to Manually Replace the POE
• Up to 12 Predicted Future POE plots based on operator controlled SOA and planned position
• Ability to Undo previous POE reductions
Submarine Sensor Integration • Dived Depth, Periscope Bearings & Ranges, Sonar / TMA Bearings & Ranges
• CMS Integration, including sharing or CMS / Sonar constructs (area, line or point tracks)
• Time of Validity for all sensor data allowing time-late entry and recomputation of DR & EP
• Manual Sensor Input with Error & Time of Validity
• Alarm if INS falls outside Pool of Errors