Tactical Dived Navigation System

A fully scalable tactical navigation solution built for the Military, & designed for the harshest environments.

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Fully IMO compliant as an ECDIS as well as Type Approved as a WECDIS against NATO STANAG 4564.


Centralised presentation of key User information including specially tailored screen layouts for unique submarine navigation operations and requirements.  Advanced features simplify navigation and tactical problems improving the submarines Operational Capability.

Advanced submarine tool sets for navigation and mission planning, dived navigation fixing techniques, comprehensive Water Space Management, TMA, integration to submarine periscope, radar and CMS.

OSI’s Tactical Dived Navigation System (TDNS) is based upon the market leading and most comprehensive submarine navigation software available, ECPINS.  TDNS can be fully integrated into third party hardware system architectures or supplied on its own hardware baseline ranging across large displays, horizontally or vertically mounted to more conventional approaches to electronic navigation.  Type Approved as an IMO ECDIS, TDNS is unique in the fact that it is also a fully approved WECDIS, independently certified against NATO STANAG 4564.

Feature rich TDNS is able to provide the submariner with a very wide range of navigational capability as well as tactical features that will help improve the Operational Capability of the submarine as well as overall dived navigation safety:
Advanced navigation fixing techniques using ENCs as well as Raster Charts
Bottom Contour Fixing
Line of Soundings Fixing
3D Chart Display using standard ENC and AML/TOD data products
Vertical Sextant Angles
Fully Supports the construction of dived navigation charts for specific submarine operations
Automatic and Manual creation of Set & Drift calculations with the ability to change Time of Validity of information
Automatic and Manual Pool of Errors Calculation, future prediction of POE, PoE reduction through a variety of means
Water Space Management and Moving Havens
Target Motion Analysis

TDNS has also been successfully interfaced with a variety of submarine specific Combat and Fire Control Systems making it an extremely low risk and attractive solution to submarine navigation.

As part of TDNS OSI can also supply its NavTacDDU which enables the seamless integration of all submarine navigation sensors.  These sensors can then be distributed across the platform to a variety of other systems and users.  Additionally OSI’s unique submarine conning display is available as part of TDNS and this provides the submariner with additional submarine specific conning data including mast states.