Support Solutions

Delivered by our global network of experienced Logistics Engineers and Supply Chain specialists

Delivered by our global network of experienced Logistics Engineers and Supply Chain specialists we recognize that the cost of adopting a navigation system doesn’t end at the initial purchase and that the cost of ownership over the life of a system can be many times the acquisition cost.

Through a balanced approach to through life support, our customers receive maximum benefit and lower through-life costs, to optimize availability during operations. Coupled with an inherent understanding of the needs of the naval user our systems and products are designed with the importance of reliability, maintainability and testability.

OSI’s modern bridge designs balance the need to avoid single points of failure without over designing multiple layers of redundancy – nevertheless, failures may occur. To account for these eventualities, we have developed a worldwide support network, ensuring that first-class support is available wherever our customers operate.

To sustain our bridge solutions, OSI provides a full range of tailored Support Solutions. We have a heritage and expertise in Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) combined with an in-depth knowledge of Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) methodologies. This enables us to design project specific support solutions that maximize Availability at a manageable and measurable Whole Life Cost (WLC).

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OSI Global Network

• Vancouver, Canada: head office; design & manufacturing centre; service, support & repair depot
• Auckland, New Zealand: support partner
• Bangalore, India: service partner
• Cape Town, South Africa: service agent
• Hong Kong: service partner
• Gdynia, Poland: representative & support partner (PGZ)
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: service agent
• Perth, Australia: support partner
• Portsmouth, UK: service, support & repair depot
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: representative
• Seoul, Korea: service agent
• Singapore: service agent
• Taipei, Taiwan: service agent