Radar Control (NP)

Where a vessel is equipped with digital navigation radar, this module provides a screen layout dedicated to direct control of the radar. From within the familiar ECPINS software environment, the operator can tune the radar, adjust range, set blank sectors, and switch between Transmit, Standby, and Off. For tactical work, this interface enables ARPA contact acquisition, association of AIS and ARPA contacts, EBLs and parallel indices, relative vectors, and trial manoeuvers. Underneath the radar returns, the powerful ECPINS chart display engine and uses the same charts, routes, and waterspaces available in the rest of the system.

Also known as Radar HMI, this layout is certified against IEC 62388 (Shipborne Radar Performance) to control 1 or 2 digital radars (Kelvin Hughes Sharpeye, Furuno FAR3220/3230, Furuno DRS4D-NXT, or SIMRAD 4G).