OSI Subsurface Series – Collins Class

OSI is a Proud Provider of ECPINS Submarine (WECDIS) to the Royal Australian Fleetwide

As a strategic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) asset, the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class Submarine (CCSM) is employed in a variety of challenging operational roles. Operating the platform in diverse and often complex scenarios requires the dedicated crew of sixty personnel to continuously prioritize integral operational elements such as safety of the Submarine and crew, remaining undetected and achieving the aim. OSI Maritime Systems’ ECPINS Submarine is a WECDIS-compliant product that delivers a feature-rich, bespoke dived navigation capability for the CCSM crew.

OSI submarine series

With a host of dived navigation functions such as real-time Pool of Errors display, PoE reduction, bottom-contour fixing, and future PoE projection, as well as tactical capability such as Target Motion Analysis, ECPINS-Submarine offers unprecedented support to a Submarine’s operational capability.