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OSI Maritime Systems, has been providing advanced integrated navigation and tactical solutions to military customers for over 20 years.  As a pioneer of Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (WECDIS), the company has grown to be a leading provider of integrated navigation and tactical solutions designed for naval and maritime security operations.  The company develops and delivers integrated bridge systems for warships, integrated dived navigation systems for submarines, and C2 systems for small craft.  OSI currently has 23 naval customers from around the world with more than 600 warships and submarines operating with its world leading integrated navigation and tactical solutions.

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With a full support team in Southampton and office in the Netherlands, OSI is close to:
● Concarneau
● Oostende
● Den Helder

OSI has a regional team:
● French and Dutch speaking
● French partners

OSI is practical and flexible:
● 220+ company dedicated to Tactical Navigation only
● Able to adapt to yard needs

The Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navy are among 23 global customers operating with OSI’s leading integrated navigation and tactical solutions. Other European navy customers include the Royal Navy, Royal Swedish Navy, Royal Danish Navy, Irish Naval Services, Portuguese Navy, and Polish Navy.




Eprouvé et certifié, des solutions clés en main / Proven & Certified Turn-Key Solutions



23 clients de la marine, plus de 600 navires de guerre / 23 Navy Customers, more than 600 Warships 



d’Eléments en commun/ Commonality

The Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navy trust OSI ECPINS for it’s high-precision navigation on board: submarines, M-frigates, LCF, LPD and support and training vessels. Training facilities at the Naval College and the Belgian Netherlands Operational School are equipped with OSI ECPINS training and mission planning environments.



Experience de navigation intégré / Integrated Bridge Experience

Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) are complex. Know-how of navigation principles and regulations is key. Experience in designing, building, testing, delivering and supporting complex navigation systems is crucial.

• OSI is focused on Tactical Navigation only
• OSI designed by military navigation experts for navies
• OSI has delivered Integrated Bridges for OPV, corvette, frigate, auxiliary and MCM
• Over 70 IBS delivered and/or in production globally
• OSI has over 20% of IBS market (excluding US, China and Russia)

Experience des guerre des mines / Experienced in MCM

OSI ECPINS is proven at sea with 45 MCM vessels of 6 different Navies, the majority of which are NATO partners and many are trained at the Belgian-Netherlands MCM school Eguermin and the NATO Centre Of Excellence for Naval Mine Warfare in Oostende.


Solutions certifiées / Certified Solutions

OSI Maritime’s WECDIS Navigation System – ECPINS®

• OSI Maritime’s ECPINS navigation software is a fully IMO compliant ECDIS IMO MSC232(82)
Only WECDIS fully compliant with and  third-party type approved against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564,  OSI wins with warship integrated navigation solutions
• ECPINS is designed by military Navigators for military Navigators.
• Conforms to MIL SPEC standards as defined by the Customer’s requirements.
• Strength in depth by the additional OSI Capability software modules that can be included to significantly increase the military Navigator’s capability in Operations whilst maintaining the fundamental safe navigation.

OSI Maritime’s WECDIS capability (ECPINS) delivers safety and capability in military situations beyond ECDIS commercial operation and increases interoperability and shared Situational Awareness for the war fighter.

Integrated Navigation System (INS)

OSI Maritime’s bridge solution incorporates our WEDCIS navigation software (ECPINS) into an integrated bridge that meets all the requirements of an Integrated Navigation System (INS) as defined by IMO MSC.252(83). Key elements of which are:
• To enhance the Safety of Navigation by providing integrated and augmented functions to avoid geographic, traffic and environmental hazards
• Conformance to IMO standards provides an important baseline for the End User,  reducing integration and schedule risks.
• Provides ‘added value’ for the operator to plan, monitor and/or control safety of navigation and progress of the ship and delivers:

• Route Planning & Monitoring;
• Collision Avoidance;
• Navigation Control Data;
• Navigation Status & Data display;
• Alert Management

OSI Maritime’s Integrated Navigation Systems are designed for military operations and delivers low risk, proven military capability to the warfighting navigator.

Capacités ECPINS uniquement pour MCM / ECPINS MCM Capabilities

ECPINS delivers dedicated MCM functionalities including AML, 3D, SHOL, Waterspace Management, T-ACT, Military Chart Engine, CMS Integration, and GNSS Denied:

Additional Military Layers (AML) Edition 3 coverage

Additional Military Layer
• OSI Maritime’s ECPINS delivers the full capability of Additional Military Layers (AML) as defined in STANAG 7170 addressing Ed 1, 2 & 3.
• Military rich Hydrographic information beyond that necessary solely for maritime navigation as defined by SOLAS.
• AMLs are intended enable interoperability supporting the principle of “operating off the same map”.AMLs provide the military maritime user with digital vector and gridded data to support situational awareness across the full range of warfare scenarios at every operating level from strategic planning to tactical operation.

AMLs provide the military maritime user with digital vector and gridded data to support situational awareness across the full range of warfare scenarios at every operating level from strategic planning to tactical operation.

Integration in CMS (Combat Management System)

Combat Management System
OSI Maritime has extensive experience in integrating with CMS on both submarines and surface ships, including:

• Naval Group SETIS
• LM Canada CMS330
• Raytheon AN/BYG-1

Our Navigation Tactical Data Distribution Unit (NavTac DDU) provides the interface between the CMS and the IBS and is a single data source from which all other systems can exchange information with the ship’s sensors.

Designed to interface with modern combat management systems, OSI’s NavTac DDU delivers a lowest risk, proven, technically compliant solution to satisfy the requirements of an IMO 252(82) data distribution sub-system for any Class of Surface Combatants or Submarine.

Warship AIS (W-AIS)

• Conforms to NATO STANAG 4668 (W-AIS) using full MIL STD-2525 tactical symbology.
• Operators can change the contact’s name, symbol, or affiliation, as well as set an alarm when the contact is within or outside a specified range, and have the display show slower contacts as smaller symbols.
• Contacts of Interest – W-AIS provides tools to search, sort, filter, query, set alerts and export ARPA, AIS or CMS tracks.
• Deception and Spoofing – W-AIS provides the ability (subject to user-permissions and authentication) to adjust the information transmitted by ownship and to transmit simulated AIS contacts

Incorporating the same WECDIS look & feel, OSI Maritime’s W-AIS delivers a compiled Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP) and has multi-featured Operator Settings

GNSS Denied Operations

GNSS Denied

The OSI GNSS denied navigation functionality is based on ECPINS functionality on board submarines
Multiple very accurate position sensors, such as:
• External position sources: GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou), MIL-GPS, E-Loran
• Radar Image Overlay (matching radar with chart)
• Inertial Navigation Systems
• Echo-sounder and Sonar (for Line of Soundings and Bottom Contour navigation)
• Visual fixing

Very advanced position determination / prediction
• Continuous comparing of all PNT inputs
• Integrity, validity and accuracy checking
• Advice of best PNT source
• Advanced and automatic DR and EP (GNSS independent), with power and drift input
• Pool Of Errors (automatic and predictive)