Royal Canadian Navy

Item Quantity
Equipment Racks 20
Operator consoles 140
Multifunction Displays 60
Panel PCs 170
Radar Systems 12
Navigation Sensors/Devices 60
Meteorological Sensors 40
Processors 100
Computer Software Configuration Item (OSI) 50
Data Interfaces 800
Cables (Internal + ship) 5000
Documents 230

Harry DeWolf-class patrol ship specifications
Length: 103 metres
Beam: 19 metres
Crew: up to 65
Estimated life expectancy: 25 years of service per vessel


OSI was contracted by Lockheed Martin Canada to design, build, and install Integrated Navigation and Bridge Systems (INBS) for each of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships(AOPS). In the first phase of the project, each shipset was developed, built, and tested at OSI’s production facilities in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Subsequently, the system was delivered to Irving Shipbuilding and installed in bridges measuring 18m by 8m. One shipset INBS features 10 multifuction displays and more than 20 operator consoles. Powered by ECPINS, the only third-party STANAG Type Approved WECDIS, the system integration includes X- and S-Band Radar, data distribution units, a variety of sensors, and C2 capabilities.


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